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30 Day Challenge for March 2009

Here is a recap of my Month of Giving for March 2009. My wish is that it will encourage you and inspire you to do what you can with what you have.

Ok, I've been doing at least one thing everyday - on purpose since April 1st and keeping track of it to reach 1,000 acts of Spreading Joy. I enjoy giving and doing for others - it actually motivates me to want to do more.

Steve's hours have been cut back for some time now - and I'm really trying to NOT spend any money that we don't need to spend. BUT - I'm still Spreading Joy - my heart will not let me stop.
So, I'll be keeping track of how I'm spreading joy this month. I do not count the things that I would "normally" do, but things that I think are over and above my normal volunteering and giving.

As of February 28th, I've recorded 583 "acts of joy". I wanted to be at 1,000 by March 31st of this year....I'm not thinking that is going to happen. So, here is how things are shaping up so far.

3/1 - Started snowing late in the evening - walked to a local pizza place to order pizza, but noticed how very clean everything was and decided to not order so that they wouldn't have to clean up after us. (trust me - in the food industry you are glad for the work, but once you've already cleaned it, you kind of dread those straggling customers. (1 item)
3/2 - gave away 2 princess gift bags with some lotion and shower gel and lip balm, pencil, eraser and notepad. (previous purchased items...) (2 items)
3/3 - Put oatmeal out in common area at work, sent email to troops, and allowed kids to eat at pizza buffet (we are not eating out much anymore) (3 items)
3/4 - Left Little Debbie Oatmeal cakes for 3 co-workers that work in a different facility (3 items)
So, that is how my first 4 days are shaping up - how about yours? Are you taking the 30 day challenge? How's it going? How are you spreading joy? Any low cost/no cost ways to help me out?
It's 10:20 Saturday evening and I'm tired - very much so! I wanted to get this posted and copy it over to facebook to. Even though things are tight - I find we spend money on just about whatever we want to don't we? Yep - you know I'm telling the truth here.
It always comes back to us when we do things and they are a sacrifice for us.

This month will be a happy mixture of "freebies" and costly giving. Glad to see it! Truly I am.

3/5 Bought dinner for Mom and Stepdad at my brother and sisters birthday party. Even though the tip was already figured into the check - left our great waitress an extra tip for her wonderful attitude and service.(3 items)
3/6 - Took a note by to the manager of the restaurant about the wonderful service our waitress gave us even though were were drinking tea, water and diet coke like camels! (1 item)
3/7 - Purchased items from an auction that benefited Missions. Missionaries have a special place in my heart. They sacrifice on a daily basis and do so gladly! (1 item)

There you have it - One week down and 14 acts of Joy closer to my personal goal of 1,000! I'm excited. I can't wait until I get there! How is your month going? Are you spreading joy everyday? Oh, you don't want to miss out on the joy this brings back to you. No way to ever tell you how great it is - - it is soooo worth it.
It is amazing how quickly a week can go by. The busier I am the faster it whooshes past my eyes! Here is how my giving is shaping up so far this week:

3/8 - Purchased Girl Scout Cookies from 3 Scouts (1 from each of them) (1 item)
3/9 - Was not ill and grouchy at work - even though I was functioning on 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep. (if you don't think that is spreading joy - work side by side with a grouch...) (1 item)
3/10 - Happy Chuck Norris Day - donuts for my team and some customers to celebrate this great birthday. (1 item)
3/11 - purchased 3 McDonald's hot fudge sundae for the great staff at Quiznos at Waterside Crossing (3 items)
3/12 - While at the hospital for Megan's Hida Scan - went to get coffee (what a shock) and put all the cash I had into the Relay for Life canister (1 item)
3/13 - Gave away 2 little debbie nutty butty bars (is that spelled right????) oh well - (2 items)
Tomorrow - I know that I'm going to support a Church's used book sale - I love books. I love to read them and give them away - and I'll be doing that this weekend to. (I also love to keep a lot to...)

So, this is me this week. I hope you are spreading joy every where you go!
How about your ideas - I know you have them. How are you spreading joy?
Until next time -
Wow!!! I can't believe I'm so far behind in my 30 day challenge posting. First I get behind because of Jury Duty...when your normal working routine is changed it affect so many things - and then I stay behind because of working a few extra hours for someone that needs some help this week....oh, enough of the whining already....on with it - right?!? :-)
Ok, Ok - here we go...

3/14 - Supported Church used book sale and boy scout yard sale (2 items)
3/15 - Gave cards of encouragement to 2 people (oh I forgot, I have more to mail...uugghhh) (2 items)
3/16 - Took Magazines by DR office waiting room (1 item)
3/17 - Gave away 2 butterfingers and 2 nestle crunch bars (4 yummy wonderful items)
3/18 - sent a few encouraging emails and thanked several officers for serving and protecting! (2 items)
3/19 - played on FREE CLICK sites - sent rice, bibles, books etc - so much to send. (1 items)3/20 - Gave waitress $3.00 tip on free meal (one purchase from previously listed auction) - (1 item)
3/21 - Unwrapped a smile or two - gave out a box of Little Debbie Cakes (1 item)
3/22 Used 10 times today and earned .10 cents for Spreading Joy - HEY - if 100 people used it 5 times a day - WE would earn $1,825.00 for a year for Spreading Joy - prett cool. (1 item)
3/23 - made it a point to smile and speak to every person I passed (1 item)3/24 - Gave a few gifts to someone in nursing home (1 item)

So - that brings me to today and it's early yet which leaves me plenty of time. I've got to get Angie to post this on the Facebook group - since I do not have access to it during the

This brings me to a total of 622 acts of Joy since April 1st of last year. I'm so I will reach my first goal of 1,000 acts of joy and THEN it will be on to 2,500. I wonder if I could reach a million acts in my lift time??? probably not alone - but if we all kept track of it, we could do it together in the next few years....couldn't we.

I'm simply giving what I can until I can give BIG - and I can't wait!

How about you? How are you Spreading Joy? Everyone can do it - even the little kiddies. Yep - how man of you (especially mommies) have ever received a big ole handful of beautiful "yellow" flowers from the front yard? Even 2 year olds need to give. (now they don't tend to share very well, but they love to give...)
Start today - Spreading Joy is fun, simple and the rewards that YOU will receive are out of this world!

Wow, I can not believe it is April 1st 2009. It doesn't seem like a year since I started journaling about my giving habits - and yes, they truly are habits now. I try and find ways everyday to make a difference everyday. This month was a little more difficult as my husbands job has cut his hours a while back. I've been trying not to spend money if I don't have to (especially with a child that will be graduating High School in June - very expensive)
Here is the last few days of how I went about Spreading Joy:

3/24 - Gave a few gifts to someone in Nursing Home
3/25 - Took a friend to lunch. It was only Wendys, but lunch is still lunch. I used to work with this friend everyday, but he transferred to greener pastures....good for him!
3/26 - Brought in candy for co-workers Birthday! 3/27 - Left work early and spent time my wonderful husband of 19 and 1/2 years.
3/28 - Gave a yummy, most delicious Reese Egg to a Police Officer that was doing reports in his car. Carefully approached his vehicle, smiled and as I gave him the little piece of chocolate/peanut butter heaven, I told him to have a wonderful evening and stay safe. I hope he was encouraged.
3/29 - Gave out letters of encouragement and thanks
3/30 - Donated clothing to a local crisis ministry
3/31 - Linda - who is coming upon her 1,000th mitzvah (acts of kindness) has asked those that can celebrate with her - " So my request to you TODAY as part of helping me achieve this 1000th mitzvah is to give food or money to your local Jewish Family Services, food bank, shelter, person in need down the street, etc. $1 is equivalent to 5 lbs of food. Please give generously. Sign your name on the comments after you have donated. Thank you for joining me in my mitzvah project." so In honor of my Internet friend from the other side of America and her wonderful journey of 1000 mitzvahs, I purchase a $20.00 grocery store gift card for "someone down the street" who lives on a fixed income and would never ever let you know she needs anything. Never. So, if she doesn't - then she will have a "little" extra.

So, that was 7 more acts of joy for MY own personal journey. That brings my total to 629 - so very close to MY first goal of 1,000.

I need to plan ahead and think of something great for my 1,000th act of joy....any ideas?

I have truly enjoyed sharing this month with you. I hope you have found it encouraging as well as inspirational. My goal is to inspire you to do something for someone. It doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars (unless of course you have thousands to spare and then I hope you'll consider donating to Spreading Joy some to do great big things with) but it just needs to come from the heart. It's a win/win situation. Everyone wins when you give!

How is your 30 day challenge coming? Tell us about it. You never know who you may encourage to start their own journey of giving.
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