Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting To Know YOU!

I am an open book. I tweet/talk publicly about myself, family, likes and dislikes. (ok, so I grumble about my dislikes, but still!) I'm happy, silly, joyful, serious, concerned and whine in the cuuutest suuuthern axcent ever.

I have a list of a "few" things about me on my blog. ( it's NOT a's actually over 40...and I could add more..just sayin. I should update the picture over there though, as it is from 2006. I have added a few more wrinkles and some gray hair.) I love letting people get to know me because I LOVE getting to know people. All kinds of people, from far and near and all back grounds.

Having said all that - to say - I love social media and the reach it gives me. I love that I have friends (YES friends!) that live in Africa, Australia, Scotland, Canada etc and have never met them personally - but I feel as though I've known them for such a long time. I love the friendships that I've developed. I love learning about these wonderful people. I want to share some of them with you.

I hope you'll click on the links and learn more about them. These lists can be found on their personal blogs. I have loved reading them, learning more about them and becoming their friend. I hope that you will too.

Gene Bowker follow him on twitter @geneslens - Gene takes awesome pictures and writes from the heart! Fun follow, giver, friend - Read more about Gene

Elaine Kelly follow her on twitter @elaineremains - My chihuahua and I are trying to take over the world, it's a work in progress. (Elaine has an amazing photo blog. Her pictures are awesome and she is quite talented.) And, doesn't mind me umm.. mooning her - with @greetums cards - of course!! Read more About Elaine

Richard Mayhan follow him on twitter @mcProdigal - Counselor & advocate, Tworship Leader, married, apologetics, technology, math, music-loving guy. Was prodigal for 27 years. Now gives hope to all parents of prodigals. They can and do return. Read more about Richard.

Michele Langlo follow her on twitter @shadowedwriter - Hiding in the shadows, she loves to write and is amazing at it. She also has an amazing love of the ocean. shhh..our secret..don't tell anyone! Read more about Michele

Dino Jag follow him on twitter @dinojag - Makin music... & lovin life and it shows. Huge heart for others and always brings a smile! Read more about Dino

Lark Neville follow her on twitter @larkn0298 - Poet, technical writer, movie lover, voracious reader. Horror flick chicks & dudes love her! (I love her heart and passion for writing and others) Read more about Lark

Stash Serafin follow him on twitter @stashskate - Inspiring blind ice skater. Motivational speaker, co-author teaches ice skating as a metaphor of life. (Completely inspiring!) Read more about Stash

Melinda Lancaster follow her on twitter @heartcures - A follower of Christ who ministers, teaches, counsels, writes, in hopes of offering encouragement to those who grow weary on the road called life. Read more about Melinda **Special Note** I have to give Melinda Credit for this idea. Way back 37 1/2 years ago (grins), after reading my list of about me - we discussed getting more "About Me" lists from various tweeple. Thank you for this idea and I'm honored to include you in my list!

Bonnie Squires follow her on twitter @bonnie67 - Wife and Mom of 8. I have many interest Crafts, Recipes & Social Network sites. (Love her blog article called Just Some Hugs - I love hugs!!) Read more about Bonnie.

Michael Sarles follow him on twitter @mas_is_more - Kind acts of randomness. Sports fan, tall guy, sarcastic much, lived in L.A., Israel, NYC, Boston & now Dallas. Former mental health pro. & marketing consultant - #7 is totally my FAV on his list! I can totally see him looking DOWN saying this! Read more about Michael.

Rio Denali - follow her on twitter @NotTypicalBlond - Her bio grabbed me from the get go! Not your typical blond. Former military, formally trained in FBI interrogation techniques, and with a degree in law... Rio might just surprise you. You KNOW you want to know! Read more about Rio.

Gina Stark - follow her on twitter @SuuperG - Some people think I'm egotistical-but enough about THEM! Here 4 laughs & inspiration.Freelance writer/blogger.Love travel, dance,fuud,horses,hiking 2much2 list! (ok, had to twist her arm a tad bit...*grinning* but - turned out nicely!) Read more about Gina.

Corey - follow her on twitter @la_loquita - I dance like no one is watching. I smile at everyone. I walk-barefoot in the sand. I dream under the stars. I love till it hurts. I giggle like a girl. (I love YOUR giggle) Read more about Corey.

Tegan Cole - follow her on twitter @sandalgal - Yankee Fan, Thinker, A little bit of everything...I'm real, that's what I am... (She is REALly cool. Love bantering back n forth with her, @marrangee and @Christianrep - although, I think she plays favs with THEM - *grinning* Read more about Tegan.

I want to get to know YOU more. Do you have a blog that you can do an "About Me" post and share with me? I'd love to list you here!

No blog? Well, you can still tell us about you! Sure you can! Look Below! See that box down there? Yeah...the comment box! How about putting a list there and make sure you include your twitter name - so we can KNOW who you are there are well.

I can't WAIT to get to know you more!

{{{{HUGS}}}} Yall!

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