Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Hug Is

A HUG is……

LOVE wrapped around you so tight

WARMTH when your heart feels cold

PEACE when the ocean within you rages

A SMILE when the tears flow

COURAGE when fear abounds

FULLNESS when the soul feels empty

DELICIOUS when the world tastes bitter

HARMONIOUS when your life is out of tune

HEALING for the one that is grieving

KINDNESS in the midst of hatred

STRENGTH for those weakened by the journey

WISDOM when confusion is all around

ENCOURAGEMENT when you feel defeated

PURE JOY when happiness is hiding

A WELCOME HOME after the day has been cruel

REASSURANCE when all confidence is lost

CERTAINTY when all is unsure

PRICELESS when the heart feels worthless

EXTRAORDINARY when typical over throws the day

MYSTERIOUS as the miracle of its uniqueness takes form

A WHISPER – I love you


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