Sunday, September 5, 2010

Session 8 - The Bible in 90 Days

We just finished up Proverbs! Wise words to live by. I hope you enjoyed it and applied it where applicable. Some of them deal with our faith - "Trust in the LORD", some of them deal with our actions. They all speak to the heart and make us wiser for it. As you read, keep in mind there are 4 types of proverbs:

  1. Synonymous - the second line repeats the first line in a little different way

  2. Antithetical - the second line is contrary to the first line

  3. Synthertic - the second line adds to the idea of the first line

  4. Comparative - a truth is explained relative to some experience or something in nature

This Week's Reading Schedule:

  • Day 50 - Isaiah 14:1 - Isaiah 28:29

  • Day 51 - Isaiah 29:1 - Isaiah 41:18

  • Day 52 - Isaiah 41:19 - Isaiah 52:12

  • Day 53 - Isaiah 52:13 - Isaiah 66:18

  • Day 54 - Isaiah 66:19 - Jeremiah 10:13

  • Day 55 - Jeremiah 10:14 - Jeremiah 23:8

  • Day 56 - Jeremiah 23:9 - Jeremiah 33:22

Did you memorize a Psalm? Share that if you did. I love Ps. 46. Many know Ps 23. They are all awesome to hide in our heart.

Are you caught up on reading? If not, don't sweat it. I'm on target with listening, (I listen while I work) but this weekend....I have got to get some major catching up done on the reading.

Click here to Listen to the Bible as you read it.

This Weeks Study Guide. There is good stuff here, don't pass this by!

Here is the audio lesson . (You'll need to log in!)

Please listen the lessons. I have the dvd's but can't post them here...copyright rules. We can discuss what you heard here as well. Listen while you cook, clean or are just taking time to enjoy this journey. I hope you'll take advantage of this free resource. Listen towards the end of the 7 day time frame, as THIS would be what we would be watching/discussing if we were to be meeting weekly.

If you are seeing this for the first time, we started on June 1st, but you can start right now, just go to Session 1 and begin. Here is the main information page as well.


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