Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Wish

I wish I knew what was going on
I wish you’d let me see
I wish I could bring you smiles
Just the way that you do me

I wish I could melt the hurt away
I wish you’d let me in
I wish for you great happiness
And that your heart will soar high again

I wish away the sorrow
I wish away the dread
I wish you a thousand blessings
Upon your life instead

I wish you every kindness
I wish you joy and peace
I wish you amazing laughter
And great love that’s within reach

I wish these great things for you
And even a million more
And for every one that’s granted you
I wish for hope restored.

What do you wish for?

Have you ever wanted to help someone and didn't know what to say or do? What did you do?

{{HUGS}} yall


Colleen Foshee said...

I wish a lot. My heart goes out to so many around me. Mostly I wish people would feel close to God - feel His peace - see His provision. What do I do? I ask God how I can help. I pray. Sometimes it's only (yeah right) prayer, sometimes it's money or time or connections. I just want to be a part of making the world the way God originally made it. Loving and with enough for everyone!

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