Thursday, June 14, 2012


My Mom
I'm under the influence. I hope this influence never, ever - EVER ceases to...well, influence.

Who has influenced you to become more than you think, that reminds you of the strength you posses and encourages you to take the next step, regardless of how dark it is.

For me, there are several, but my Mom stands out more.

There are a million or more things about my mom that I love, adore, cherish and makes me smile!

She turned 71 on May 20th of this year and this is my attempt to just honor her in a way that she will know how much she has meant to me, although I’m doubtful that I could ever express the love that fills my heart.

I’m a random gal, so these are done randomly…..of course.
  • My mom expecting the best from us, no matter what
  • Listening to my mom remember yester year
  • Being able to take her to Daytona Beach & Disney, knowing that she would do it for me
  • Growing up to “be” my mom, she is a hero in my eyes
  • An afternoon just sitting with her on the porch swing
  • My mom, just being herself
  • Being only a phone call away
  • My mom’s heart for others
  • My mom’s determination to do right by us kids even though she’s never had much herself
  • My Mom’s strength in the middle of the most difficult times
  • That “look” from my mom
  • My mom’s smile
  • How she influences me….always, even when she isn’t around
  • Teaching me that hugs can sometimes be more powerful than words
  • Showing me I could trust & value the decisions I make because she gave me a solid foundation
  • Allowing me to Make my decisions & then teaching me to “own” them
  • Reminding me that it’s ok to stand alone, as long as I’m standing on what is right
  • Not accepting my excuses, no matter how “good” they were
  • Putting up with my antics
  • Teaching me that kindness means more than getting ahead
  • Things and times may change but the truly important things….never change
  • Knowing she is an angel here on earth
  • Always knowing that no matter what, someone cares for and BELIEVES in me
  • Knowing my mom would give me the world on a platter if she could
  • For loving me through thick and thin…literally
  • For her helping hand or gentle shove, which ever was needed the most
  • And even though Angie was adopted, for loving us all equally.

I could share so many more and sometime may.

What are some things that you love and adore about your mom or someone that has greatly influenced your life?

WHO has influenced you and what is the most important thing you’ve taken away from that?

Encourage others and share your story in the comments below.

photo: my mom at the daytona racetrack finish line 5/16/2012


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