Thursday, June 7, 2012

Take Action

In this day and age of passing the buck, hearts focused on the bright, shiny things of life and what about me mentality; I wanted to give you some extraordinary ways of using the ordinary to make a huge impact for others.

I hope you’ll take action and impact others with the ordinary!
  1. Smile brightly
  2. Hug daily
  3. Laugh lots
  4. Give guiltlessly
  5. Love deeply
  6. Sing Loudly
  7. Return unexpectedly
  8. Walk calmly
  9. Honor Him
  10. Explore eagerly
  11. Move confidently
  12. Be authentic
  13. Answer attentively
  14. Invite joyously
  15. Forgive completely
  16. Encourage passionately
  17. Serve compassionately
  18. Play enthusiastically
  19. Celebrate gratitude
  20. Guide quickly
  21. Share always
  22. Inspire vibrantly
  23. Joyfully Delight
  24. Lead boldly
  25. Initiate efficiency
  26. Appreciate swiftly
  27. Reinforce lovingly
  28. Speak Kindly
  29. Rejoice always
  30. Act swiftly

I could go on for days, but would love to hear your extraordinary thoughts on ordinary actions.

Leave them below to encourage all who read!


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