Thursday, June 14, 2012

Special Invitation

When we put our little bit together, it grows into something huge and then blossoms into hope and joy for children this back to school season.

On Saturday June 30, 2012 – I invite you to participate in $2.00 day.

With your help, we want are asking that 2,000 individuals come together and give big by giving $2.00 and all of it will go to benefit children in our Back to School efforts. (click to see more)

That’s it.  Easy, right?

Here is what you can do.
  1. Set a reminder in your phone, email or write in your planner – reminding you to give safely via PayPal (button over on the right…over there)
  2. If you don’t want to allow PayPal the fees from your gift, or have to depend on your memory, please mail in your gift to the address below.
  3. Take this free PDF and print it out and present it to your work, church, family and friends.  Use the power of your voice backed up by technology and spread the word.  How would your heart soar if you, single handedly got 100 people to give $2.00
  4. Pastors or Group Leaders – Will you present to your group?  You can do one lump sum donation via our PayPal button or Mail it in at once to save on fees and postage.  Will you use your voice?
  5. Organizations – Will you use this to encourage your employees to participate and then, take it one step further and match their gifts? Have a departmental contest and see who can get the most people involved – either inside or outside the company.  Powerful Voices are huge here!
  6. Will you send an email to everyone in your address box, asking them to participate in the Spreading Joy’s Back to School $2.00 day?  Put it in your newsletter, blog it, tweet it and facebook it.  When you tweet this link, invite specific people by including their @name in it. That is powerful!
  7. Mom’s and Dad’s – will you ask your children if they want to be a hero to another child that doesn’t have it so good? Allow them to mail in $2.00 as well.
Alone, your $2 will get 2 packs of paper but you and 1,999 others pulling together will go towards several hundred backpacks, packs of paper, spiral notebooks, entire packs of pens and pencils.

See the difference?

Let’s harness the power of our voices!

Let’s harness the power of technology!

Let’s harness the power of teamwork!

Let’s all come together to see something remarkable happen, right before our very eyes.

Will you JOYn us?

Will you be a giant and use your voice?

Will you spread the word and try and round up others to do the same?

Will you be a spreading joy hero to an awesome little boy or girl?

Thank you!

You matter, you can make a huge difference and I can’t wait to share with you the impact you’ll make!

Our Mailing Address is:
Spreading JOY Corporation
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037

Please, extend this special invitation to do something HUGE with just a tiny bit of effort!!

Thank you much for how YOU are spreading JOY and making a difference!


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